For me, the seeds for this trip were initially planted in the fertile imagination of a 5th grader way back in 1968! In doing that venerable Social Studies project that year, the “State Book”, I was assigned Alaska. Currently unable to recollect how it was my fate to be paired with “Seward’s Folly”, it may have been the states were assigned alphabetically to the students also listed alphabetically.

My written requests to various Alaskan agencies were bountifully filled by all the gracious state departments my parents and I contacted. Keep in mind here,Alaska had only become a state January 3, 1959 and were doing everything possible to educate and inform the lower 48.

Soon I was awash in every conceivable picture, pamphlet and brochure regarding and informing me of every aspect of that vibrant, exotic and unsullied state. I even received a small speck of real gold in a little plastic capsule (gold was still $32 an ounce then!). Talk about igniting the imagination of an 11 year old boy! The result all the information from the good people in Alaska was twofold. My state book earned an “A” from Mrs. Brodski, surely based on state provided content alone. The other thing that happened was I got hooked on the 49th state.

Years go by, as does my timeline of bikes from homebuilt mini bikes to early Cushmans, Vespas and Hondas, into the golden age of Enduro and the dawn of “Dual Sports”, bigger Hondas and Yamahas. Than Triumph twins and triples on into Harleys. I bought a Road King and I joined a HOG Chapter, came up through the Chapter, Road Captain, Head Road Captain, finally Director. Small rides, long rides,Four Corners, Coast to Coast, Iron Butt, etc. Enjoyed my time in the “Church of The Motor Company”. But have been looking for the next logical step in a lifelong pursuit of the sport of motorcycling.