My desire to travel to Alaska has been a rather organic one through the years. I suppose it started with me falling in love with the BMW marque when I was only about 12 years old. A neighbor had an orange/black R90S that made me become infatuated with BMW’s. At the time, it was the fastest looking bike around and he would ride by the house all the time. I knew then that someday I would own a BMW and travel on it. After all that is what they are made to do.
So I finally got old enough to start riding and owned some Japanese trail and street bikes. Life set in and I had to take a break of about 15 years from riding. Then ‘someday’ arrived about 10 years ago when I could finally afford to own a BMW; a 2003 R1150RT. This was going to be the last bike I ever needed to buy since it was the bike I had always wanted to own and travel on. Tracy and I traveled two up on this bike for a few years until she started riding her own bike, and we enjoyed every minute of it.
A couple years after getting the bike, Tracy and I took a cruise to Alaska. Even though you see very little of this enormous state when on a cruise, I was hooked. I knew I wanted to return to Alaska and see more of this part of the world and experience more of the land than just day excursions from the cruise ship. So in the back of my mind I knew I wanted to return to the land of the midnight sun.
A few more years passed and Tracy and I were getting more and more involved in motorcycling. All of our vacations were planned around trips on the bikes. Then one summer I need to take my bike in for service. I took it to Hermey’s in Port Clinton and he graciously gave me a loaner bike, a 2004 R1200GS. That planted the seed for me to get rid of my RT and get a GS. I loved this bike; it was fast and fun to ride and the idea of being able to go nearly anywhere you wanted really appealed to me. If you have ever ridden with me, you know that the more rural the road the better.
So one day on a whim I finally did it. I bought a GS, but not just the regular GS. I had to get the Adventure model. Why the Adventure, because it was still lurking in my brain that I wanted to return to Alaska, and what better way to do it than on a motorcycle.
So everything was coming together. I had the bike, I had the desire, I had a wife who understood and encouraged the dream, I had a boss who would let me disappear for 6 weeks, and now all I need to do to was put it all together into a single trip. And so with a GSA what better destination then the top of the world on the North American continent, Prudhoe Bay, aka Deadhorse, Alaska.
So now begins the journey with my friends who share the same dream. We plan on exploring parts of this great country and Canada that most never see. Hopefully, we can share some of these experiences with everyone who wants to follow along with us on this blog. Now all that is left is to do the final trip planning details, pack, and count down each day until we start our journey on July 14th.