Day 36

Today was more of the same from the day before, flat and straight. Good news is that we started a little later and overall the weather was good. When we left the hotel at about 8:30, the temp was already 62 and the skies were sunny. As we got closer to Winnipeg we were encountering some rain clouds, but fortunately for us we never got rained on much more than a few drops, no need for rain gear. Although at one point we split two rain clouds that either one of which would have soaked us. We really dodged a bullet on that one. As we got into Winnipeg it was a little culture shock for us as we had forgotten what traffic and congestion was like.

Look at that bug!

We had dinner with Hollywood’s cousins, Alan, Gloria, and their son Steven. Nice people who also showed us around the tourist part of town called the Forks. It sits on the banks o fthe Assiniboine and Red Rivers. Nice area similar to Station Square in Pittsburgh. Talked for a little while in Lori and Hollywood’s room catching up and then getting ready to start south back across the border into the lower 48 for the first time in 27 days. We will miss the great white north, or at least the summer version of it.

Jack & Shelly at the Assiniboine