Day 39

We left Mackinaw City at 9:30 ferry to Macinac Island. When we went out they told us a couple of facts about the bridge. It’s a pretty big boat.   150 ft long and was jet driven. At full throttle it throws out a huge rooster tail taller than the ship. In no time we were pulling into the picturesque port at Macinac Island where we were met with the odors of fudge and horse droppings. As no motor vehicles are allowed on the island, they employ some 400 horses. Use your imagination.


Grand Hotel

Arch Rock


We set out to explore the south end of the island and visited several beautiful gigantic homes and the Grand Hotel where they charge you $10 just to enter the building if you’re not a guest. Hollywood walked right in like he owned the place despite the consierge yelling, “Sir! Sir!” He just kept right on walking. And he came out with the pictures we so wanted. Hollywood, you get our vote!

We then walked past the Fort which would have been another $14 per perso admission. Matt and Tracy rented a surrey with the fringe on top which Tracy piloted around for an hour. We took the walking trails. Shelly and Lori took the trail  out to see Arch Rock. We all met downtown for lunch at the Pink Pony Bar & Grill. The girls did some shopping. We bought the obligatory fudge and headed back to the main land. The main street had 13 fudge shops. The decision was hard to make.

Island from Lake Huron

Macinac Bridge from the ferry

After taking a quick trip back across the bay to the mainland. We got cleaned up and went to dinner at an itailian restaurant where the decor was every imaginable animal – stuffed! Including a giraffe.

It’s been a restful couple of days. It’s been nice having everyone together. Tomorrow Matt & Tracy leave to start their last leg home and the McGowan’s become our new co-adventurers.