Day 40

This morning we parted company with our traveling companion and partner in crime for the last five weeks.  Matt’s wife Tracy had ridden her motorcycle here from Delaware, and they are taking off together to ride back home.

Matt, it doesn’t feel right going home without you.  Can’t wait to get together and swap pictures, videos and stories Again!  You and Tracy ride safe cloud collaboration.

Sunrise view from our room in Mackinaw City.

Jack and Shelly will be completing the trip with Jeff and Lori, with whom they rendezvoused in Winnipeg.

The ride from Mackinaw city to Cleveland is one of about 450 miles. Had to do some super slab but generally tried to stay to the more picturesque two lane roads. We encountered some areas of road construction along the way but nothing that slowed us down terribly. The scenery for the most part was rural with a lot of farms.

On our way to Cleveland we stopped at the Cement City Harley-Davidson dealership where they had many restored older bikes.

Rolling into Cleveland was a bit of a culture shock for Jack and I who just three weeks ago were spending time in Coldfoot with all the oil workers at the far end of the world!!

Sunset over Lake Erie in Cleveland