Day 41

Today¬† the four of us¬†spent the day at the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame here in Cleveland. What a great experience it was!!

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum

The brochure says expect to spend 5 to 6 hours viewing all the displays, but you could probably spend double that and not see everything. It’s hard to describe how great it really was. It’s a definite must see if you haven’t been here before.

After that we spent a couple hours walking around town exploring collaboration tools for business. The city is actually pretty cool with a lot of open space and great architecture. We finished up today with a trip to a chocolate bar. There are huge guitars up and down each street each with a different theme labeled Guitar Mania. There are plaques indicating who made them and the guitar’s title. Between Lori and Shelly, pictures have probably been taken of most.

Lori with street guitar

The plan is to leave tomorrow morning to go to Cuyahoga National Park and then on to Somerset, Pennsylvania to see the Flight 93 National Memorial.